Apr. 29th, 2011 12:51 pm
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Call me stuffy, out of touch, unfeeling, heartless, cold...whatever.

I really don't give a flying fart about the Royal Wedding.
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and in other news... heh... there's no other news that's exciting. :)

Although I did find something out about someone that set me free. Who needs *that* bad karma??

not i said me.
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...whose husband is very ill.

Her attitude is amazing. She never gives up. She loves him so much that the struggle they are going through never causes her to falter.

I admire her so much.
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It takes no effort to love.
The state has its own innate joy.
Questions answer themselves if you are aware enough.
Life is safe;
flowing with the current of being is the simplest way to live.
Resistance never really succeeds.
Controlling the flow of life is impossible.

~Deepak Chopra
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You are where your attention takes you. You are your attention. If your attention is fragmented -- then so are you. If you dwell in the past, you are living there -- not here, where you should be. Focus on Spirit with you in the present -- and you will triumph!

-- Indian Mystic
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that I have been poisoned by my doctor's office. A stand in physician prescribed two drugs with potentially fatal interactions, and I have the entire list of symptoms of serotonin poisoning.


I don't even know who to call at this point. I have been sick since she prescribed the 200% maximum for both drugs (Savella and Cymbalta)

Max dose for Savella is 100 mg. per day. She upped me to 200 mg. per day.

Max dose for Cymbalta is 60 mg. per day. She had me taking 120 mg. per day.

and here is the interaction article.


I need help. Now.


Jun. 22nd, 2010 12:06 pm
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Tuesday Maintenance.

Teh Suck.
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On a diet to try to figure out if some of the fibro is related to food additives, also to lower BP and yes, lose weight! Anyway, right now it is really strict, only so much protein, veg, fruit and breadsticks. NO sugars whatsoever. Doing ok so far...fresh foods taste really great, btw. After a couple more weeks to stabilize, I will slowly add things back in to see how I react to them. My goal is to cut out sugars and processed food additives. Ok, I won't cut out sugars forEVER, but I don't want to be eating sugar that's hidden in food (which is nearly everything. Gawds.) If I do have a sweet in a few weeks, I'll know it's the only sweet I am eating. So there, food industry. I thwart you!

Stevia is allowed though. I *heart* stevia.

So I was looking around for different ideas (no oils, fats or butter allowed, no starches) so it calls for creativeness sometimes to jazz things up, and I found this. I am SO happy because it fulfilled my need for something creamy. Posting now to add to my recipe memories, because I will have this even after!!

Extremely Easy Cream of Chicken Soup

allotted amount of chicken, cut up. (4.5 oz in my case)
1 - 2 cups water
1 C celery, cut up
1 T dehydrated onions or 1/2 T onion powder
3 garlic cloves or 1/2 T garlic powder
fresh basil
fresh parsley
fresh chives
white pepper
Mrs. Dash's garlic herb combo

*all herbs, salt and pepper are to taste

Put all into a pot, boil until celery is tenderish
pop into blender on pulse speed until smooth(ish)
return to stove and simmer 10 min.

OMG so good. I'm like all happyish and shit right now.
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A very wise man wrote this. I never knew him, but feel that I did, possibly in another lifetime:

Evil deeds like dragon seeds
bear fruit that's not so nice
for what is sent with ill Intent
returns to the sender thrice!
Remember this phrase
and give it praise
in wisdom and respect.
Be golden rule or lotus jewel
or craft of the Wicca sect.

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A Witch is born and not made
Or if a Witch is to be made then tears must be spilled
before the moon can be drawn.
The Lady chooses whom She will to be Her lover
and those She loves the most
She rends apart before making them wise . . .
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I must share.

You all understand what a horrible week I had last week. I thought I was going to implode or something. But, we got Mom some wonderful drugs, and made peace with the passing of my Uncle Deke, who was quite a trickster. He was the funniest man on the face of the planet. We laughed a lot over some of the stories, and cried even more. But still, it was so much stress. So, I took hiatus. (All was well. My brother was doing the MOM shift, Dad had some frozen dinners to nuke up, and it was "get outta here. Go get away. Relax or something. You look like shit!") And, as Irish do, we drink quite wonderfully when someone dies.

So, this weekend I spent time with a wonderful bunch of people. The band that I forever stalk had their annual bacchantal, and so, of course, I went. All was going fabulously well, and I was pacing myself rather excellently (so as to avoid the 'fell-down-drunk-went-boom-boom-out-go-the-lights-ahh-shit-I-missed-all-the-good-stuff' syndrome) when Mother Nature, (who had obviously been imbibing in the Green Faery herself) decided to pull a good one on me.

There was a porta-potty this year. (We are not even going to discuss the debauchery of last year. Just trying to sneak off into the woods to take a quick whiz became an episode of 'The Most Dangerous Game')

All was well at first. Of course, it was daylight. But then, after daylight comes... general darkness. And we are in the new moon. We are talking about the blackest black night. So, trying to use the porta potty which was located near the ravine under a large tree (nicknamed 'The Cave of the Winds' by the end of the evening) was rather... difficult. First you lurch to the general vicinity. There was a lantern hanging on a hook by the door, but there was no light inside. Once inside, you knew what Tutkahamen felt like when the door swung shut for the last time (at least, for several thousand years.)

But, you've done this a million billion times (in fact, had been practicing all day) so you just relied on past experience. First there is the 'hover', and then, the sound. Like Niagara Falls in a rainstorm. Falling, down, down, away from you safely. Out with the bad, in with the good (as I usually had a Guinness in my hand the whole time.)


What SON of SATAN leaves the FLIPPIN' LID DOWN when it is SO PITCH BLACK you couldn't see past your own straining EYEBALLS??? AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT THEY DID????

First. The hover. Got that going all well, but... but... that's not the SOUND!
Well, it was a SOUND, but not the RIGHT sound!! OH GOD! OH GOD NO! I AM OFF CENTER OR SOMETHING!!!

So now, if you will, imagine me swinging my ass around wildly, because by this point the dam has burst and there's no saving the village, trying to find THE SOUND!! THE SOUND!! COME ON!! I LIVE FOR THE SOUND!!

Seconds later, I realized the full horror of what was happening. I was pissing on the lid. Not just ON the lid, but sharing the wealth with everything within the enclosed radius. And gods forbid you should TOUCH anything!! Must have looked like a semi-nude version of 'The Safety Dance', if, in fact you could have SEEN IT!!!

And it was pouring, like a river, into the seat of my pants.

Remember Kubrick's "The Shining"? At the end? When Jack is just a'hellin down the hallway? That was me, albeit with a decided duckwalk, headed back to my tent afterwards to look for anything dry to put on.

You know how someone always says, smugly, "Well, you know what? I would rather be pissed off, then pissed ON!"

I shall kill the next person who ever says that to me.

Uncle Deke would have been so proud. :) In fact, I am laughing right now. I can just hear him telling the story...


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